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Choosing A Wedding Photographer

March 06, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

As I sat in the office this morning, looking out of the window across the fields - birds chirping and thinking about nesting, buds on the plants beginning to swell in anticipation of the warmer weather and longer days ahead...and a mole trashing my lawn by tunneling all over the place and throwing soil everywhere - I started to think about the year ahead. Early Spring is normally a relatively quiet time for actual wedding photography, but there's usually a lot going on behind the scenes, with wedding fayres to arrange, websites to update, the never-ending paperwork pile to tackle, possible rebranding, wedding enquiries etc. It's a time where many couples are planning their Big Day, usually for the following year, but you very often get a few less well-organised couples frantically trying to book everything at the last minute!

Choosing the right photographer for you, Dear bride-to-be, can be a daunting process, so here are a few pointers from a little piece I wrote all the way back in 2014 for KL Magazine, that I hope will go some way towards helping you on your quest for the perfect photographer for your wedding.

I think it still holds true for the most part, but you may want to ignore the mention of DVD slideshows! Seriously, do people still have those?!

NB: I've removed the photos originally in the article because they weren't mine, and I don't have permission to use them. I've also pasted the text at the bottom of the page in case the image isn't clear enough. And I've left the Twilight Bars ad in the image because I took the photos in it and Ryan is a mate (even if he's too cheap to pay for photography these days!) :D


Choosing A Wedding Photographer

"Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Your wedding won't only be a long, fantastic, enjoyable day - it will also be one you'll remember for years, and among the most important elements of that will be your wedding photographs. There's nothing more wonderful - for you and for all your friends and family - than a beautiful wedding album or photobook, and there are few things more disappointing than photos that don't do the big day justice. Che Ballard offers some great advice on getting the best from your wedding photographer:

PERSONALITY Ensure you meet your photographer before booking; this is helpful to get a first-hand look at prints and products and discuss your requirements face-to-face, as well as making sure you and your potential photographer have compatible personalities. They may take amazing photos, but if they're going to make your day even more stressful by yelling at everyone, they may not be the right photographer for you.

STYLE Have a clear idea of the type of photography you want. Do you want lots of formal shots or do you prefer the more natural, 'reportage' style? How does the photographer process their images? Some effects may look great today, but will they look badly dated in a couple of years' time?

BACK UP Check your photographer has back-up equipment! What happens if a camera or lens breaks during your wedding? Also, more megapixels doesn't necessarily mean better photographs. If that were the case, professional photographers would all be using mobile phones! Your photographer should also hold valid insurance.

PRE-WEDDING SHOOT Does the photographer offer a complementary shoot prior to the wedding? This is a great way to build rapport with your photographer and can help to make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera on your big day.

CONTRACT If there isn't one, ask for one! This protects you as well as the photographer. Some bookings are months. even years, in advance. What happens if your photographer is ill. or (heaven forbid) does a runner with your money - or fails to provide you with any photos?

PAYMENT The industry standard for wedding photography tends to be something along the fines of a 50% deposit, with the remainder due 30 days prior to the wedding. If you're unhappy with paying 100% of the photographer's fees in advance, don't be afraid to negotiate! Perhaps the photographer will take the remainder once the proofs are online, or maybe when the album is delivered.

EXAMPLES Does the photographer have a full wedding album you can browse, either online or in print? If not, why not?

EXPERIENCE Having a qualification in photography isn't everything, but it does indicate your photographer has studied the technical aspects of the craft. Far more important is experience. How long has the photographer been shooting for? Ideally your photographer will have been referred to you by a satisfied customer. but if not, is it possible to speak to a previous client? Don't put too much store in online reviews, as they are easy to fabricate.

QUALITY Obviously weddings can be tricky to shoot. even for photographers with many years' experience. Not every image will be as crisp as a studio shot, and it's worth bearing in mind that an image that looks fine in a 6x4 print may not work as a large print to hang above your fireplace. Do the photographer's prints stand up to close scrutiny?

Finally, please have a little sympathy for the photographer! The best wedding photographers work long, stressful hours, spend a fortune on equipment and take years honing their craft. They will cover the wedding unobtrusively. with the minimum disturbance to you, while striving to get the best images possible. Choose wisely, and your photographer will capture all the precious memories of your big day perfectly, enabling you to enjoy them in years to come as you and your family flick through the album, or watch the DVD slideshow."


Rival Sons - Cambridge Junction

February 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Rival Sons - Cambridge Junction, Feb 1st 2017

Another year gone, another year I failed to blog regularly (I actually managed to post a measly once last year-disgraceful)! I suppose I really should get my shit in gear or just delete the blog entirely...

Anyway, the motivation behind this latest post is that I got the opportunity to photograph my favourite live band, Rival Sons, at Cambridge Junction. Result. I've seen them a few times now, and actually photographed them back in 2013 at the same venue. If you fancy a trip back in time, there's a post here: Rival Sons 2013

I won't post a review as such here, as it's Sunday, and I've got shit to do (keep an eye on, as I may post one there), I'll just break up the photos with a bit of text about how great Rival Sons are live (if you didn't know that already).

This sold-out gig was slotted in between the Sons' shows supporting Black Sabbath on their "The End" farewell tour, before going out on their own for a tour of Europe, and they certainly had their chops up.

Every time I've seen them Jay Buchanan's voice has had me dropping my jaw, and tonight, looking somewhat akin to Jim Morrison circa LA Woman, and at times sounding like he was channeling Janis Joplin, was no exception. Holy shit, that boy can wail! I would truly give a testicle to be able to sing that good (ideally it would be someone else's nut, but I'd give up one of my own if I had to).

Guitarist Scott Holiday, looking smooth with trademark facial furniture and pinstripe suit, has more guitars by the side of the stage than you've had hot dinners, and he manages to rock the fuck out of each one.

Michael Miley is a bowler-hatted beast of a drummer, who proves that it's not the size of your kit that's important, but how you bang it. Nice Horned owl tattoo btw!

Dave Beste impassively manages to keep things moving; preferring to put all his energies into providing a solid bassline, rather than wasting time on superfluous things like facial expressions.

And finally, Todd Ögren-Brooks, sports one of the most impressive beards ever, and manages to fill the songs with keyboard-y goodness.

New Logo

February 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

New Logo!

Well, it's that time again; after going into my usual semi-hibernation over Christmas & New Year, I now feel all invigorated, full of something approaching enthusiasm and ready to give my photography business a bit of TLC. I'm ashamed to admit I lost a bit of focus last year, and coasted along without putting much effort into my work (sounds like my old school reports!). This year, after giving myself a much needed kick up the arse, I am attempting to rectify last year's lackadaisical attitude, starting with a new logo (as well as photo books, prints, canvases and other cool stuff).

I've muddled through using my own poor attempts at logo designs for ages now, despite wanting a professionally designed logo since I started. I know a lot of people fail to see the value of using a proper, trained graphic designer and would rather knock up something themselves, but I'm not one of them. I admire good design as much as I admire good photography. And I know my limitations. So why have I waited so long? Basically, I wanted to wait for a designer I had faith in, and I ended up waiting a while!

I've been working with the super-talented Jess at Noxx Creative ( since last year, and after seeing the quality of her work I knew that if anyone could come up with a logo design I liked it'd be her. She also has great taste in music, which may not be a prerequisite, but is certainly a bonus! The whole process of getting Jess to design my logo has been completely stress-free, and I'm super pleased with the result. I can't recommend her highly enough for any design work, whether it be a logo, marketing materials or even a magazine layout.

Jess can be contacted at [email protected]

So without further ado, here's my new logo...

And business cards...







November 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Ok, I'm officially rubbish at blogging regularly - I can't believe my last post was all the way back in January - shameful!

Anyway, as the main purpose of my blog was to help keep anyone that's interested up to date on my work, I figured I ought to mention that I have an exhibition on at King's Lynn Arts Centre (Fermoy Room). Bit short notice, I know, especially as it's already started. Oops. Anyway, me and my old college buddy James Hollier finally got round to it, some 20ish years after studying photography together at NORCAT (College of West Anglia to any noobs to the area), and I'm pretty excited. It runs until the 21st of November so there's plenty of time to go and have a quick butcher's (I'd be really grateful if you did!). If you do manage to get down there, please feel free to leave lovely comments in the guestbook (or any comments, for that matter!).


Anyway, that's my news. I'll probably update again in 2016, so I hope you have an awesome Christmas/Thanksgiving/New Year etc!



Savage Messiah

January 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Savage Messiah - Norwich Waterfront,  Jan 21st 2015


Savage Messiah: To me the name screams sweaty, no-nonsense metal/thrash with an 80s retro feel (truth be told, I was probably just reminded of actual 80s band Nasty Savage, but still...) The band certainly look the part; leather jacketed and wearing sweatbands and bullet belts, and there's a definite musical nod to the old school.

They may have been first on the bill, but Savage Messiah certainly had confidence and competence enough to get most of the crowd involved, and warmed up ready for Huntress and Amon Amarth.