Workshops and tuition, either as a group or on a 1-to-1 basis, are available to cover a variety of subjects, from beginner's photography to photo editing.

  • Beginner's Photography
  • Getting Started With Adobe Lightroom
  • Portrait Photography
  • Making Money From Your Photography
  • Critiquing and Mentoring Services also available. Contact for more details.

Upcoming Workshops:

Sunday 13th March

Sunday 29th May - FULL

Sunday 26th June

Improving Your Photography

If you want to learn to get the best out of your camera, improve your skills, or just take photos of some beautiful birds, then this workshop is ideal for you.

Places are strictly limited to 4 participants at a cost of £100 per person and includes lunch.

The workshop will be divided into 4 sections as outlined below commencing at 10am and finishing at 3.30pm:



The Camera

Shooting in Manual: Choosing the right aperture, shutter speed and ISO Benefits of shooting in RAW
Framing/Rule of Thirds/Golden Ratio
Depth Of Field
and more

Natural Light Portraiture

An opportunity to take portraits of a selection of Baytree Owl & Wildlife Centre’s feathered (& possibly furred) friends, using natural light-both indoor and outdoor-in a variety of settings. This will be a good opportunity to put into practice the knowledge learned in the first section.


Capturing birds in flight is one of the most challenging aspects a photographer will face. During this section you will learn tips and tricks, from panning the camera to changing camera settings, to improve your chances of getting a great action shot. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice whilst we fly a selection of birds.


In this section you will be introduced to the basics of studio photography. Here you will expand upon the skills (framing, DoF etc) you learned during the the first two lessons whilst using professional studio lights and backdrops. For this lesson, your camera will need a 3.5mm jack plug or camera hot shoe (please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with your camera details if you are unsure about this, or would like more information).